Myths and truths about pregnancy

Congratulations, you’re pregnant! You’ve no doubt heard certain myths or pear of wisdom involving pregnancy, but can you tell the truths from the myths?

Frequent bathroom trips – true

Due to hormonal changes during pregnancy, you will feel a much greater need to visit the toilet. Consequently, it is one of the first signs of pregnancy. As time goes by, the pressure on thebladder increases due to uterus enlargement, making the need for urination more and more frequent. Stock up on toilet paper!

Pregnant women shouldn’t swim – false

As a matter of fact, bathing as well as swimming have a positive effect on pregnant women – in fact, swimming is especially good for moms-to-be, as it strengthens the musculature! The ban onbathing is as such busted! In truth, it is only advisable to swim in clean lakes or the sea. It isn’t advisable to swim in pools because of other people’s excrement. It may cause vaginalinflammation or infections of internal reproductive organs. Pregnancy hormones affect the balance in the vagina, making it much more susceptible to infections.

It’s not safe to use a sauna or a jacuzzi during pregnancy – true

While swimming has a positive effect on pregnant women, soaking in the jacuzzi or relaxing in the sauna can even be dangerous. Swimming in water with a temperature above 35 degrees can causea decrease in blood pressure, lack of oxygen delivery to the fetus, dizziness and feeling of weakness and can even cause fetus development abnormalities in the first trimester. It’s evenrecommended to avoid taking hot showers or try to keep the shower under 10 minutes!

The first trimester is crucial – true

The first three months of pregnancy are most crucial for your baby. From the 1st to the 8th week after conception all major organs are formed, making the fetus very sensitive to all harmfulingredients you might introduce into your body; such as alcohol, nicotine, various medicines etc. The possibility of spontaneous abortion is also very high and it is when chromosomaldiseases/abnormalities develop, which impact the child for a lifetime. These chromosomal diseases can be detected from the 10th week of pregnancy by the NIPT by GenePlanet test- the pregnantwoman’s blood contains the fetus DNA, which is tested. It is analyzed with the latest technology, which determines the risk that a child will be born with one of the more common geneticdiseases. The test is safe, there’s no risk for abortion and there are no side effects. Furthermore, it is accurate and reliable and is therefore recommended by gynecologists around theworld! It is available also in Nigeria. For more information about NIPT by GenePlanet, click here.

Find out which chromosomal diseases are tested and the price for NIPT by GenePlanet test. You’ll be surprised how very easy it all really is!

Difficulty sleeping – true

Insomnia is one of the most common problems during pregnancy and it hits hardest in the third trimester. The large belly makes sleeping possible only on the side, making a restful night’ssleep a thing of the past. Frequent visits to the toilet and the baby’s activity are also considered as sleep disorders.

Pregnant women should avoid cats – myth

Pregnant women sometimes assume that they must get rid of their cat, which is entirely unnecessary. No harm will come from cuddling your cat. You must, however, take care to avoid catexcrements, which can cause toxoplasmosis. Toxoplasmosis can have serious consequences for the fetus. Most people who have toxoplasmosis don’t show any symptoms, however, during pregnancy,it can cause abortion, premature birth or stillbirth. It can also cause your child to be born with various clinical signs and symptoms of the infection. If you have had toxoplasmosis beforegetting pregnant, you have developed an immunity to it, meaning your child is completely safe.

What about exercise?

You’re pregnant, not sick! Exercise during pregnancy is strongly recommended as it strengthens your body, making you physically prepared for giving birth. Of course, you have to choose theright type of exercise. Choose the kind of exercise that has positive effects on your pregnancy belly; such as pregnancy yoga, stretching, cycling, swimming, nature walks… By combining allthese exercises you will not only feel better, but it can also help you maintain a good energy level!

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